My reading list: January 2020

This is probably very late a post, but, better late than never!

I decided to read a lot this year because I’d be majorly free to do so and also because it would be a great way to gain a lot of knowledge that would be useful to me later in life. It would also be good if I cultivated a culture of reading, ha!

So, I will be sharing my reading list for each month. I already started reading the books (there are two of them) but feel free to take a look at them anytime.

1. Act like a lady, Think like a man – Steve Harvey: I have read this book before but it was during my teens and so I don’t think I really understood what was being explained. Unlike what the preface says, this book can be read by men and women alike. Women, so we can understand the basic workings of majority of men to help us navigate our man. Men, so they can understand how women see men to help them know what to do. I haven’t gone so far but I’ve learnt the 3ps of men’s love. If a man loves you he’d profess his love, provide for you (not just in monetary terms now) and try to protect you. If a man does all these three, he’s all in. The link to the book is below; you can check it out.

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

2. The Gifts of Imperfection – Brene Brown: This book was recommended by Jen (bless her soul!) and its a beautiful one. I haven’t gone far in this book but it’s a book about learning to embrace who we are. The author says we have to find the courage to live and love with our whole hearts and I agree that we can’t give what we don’t have. So we have to love and accept ourselves for who we are without worrying about what people think. So far, it’s a great book especially for anyone struggling with self-love or just anyone who thinks they could be better as someone else. You’re the best as you, love. The link to the book is below; you can check it out.

The Gifts of Imperfection – Embrace Who You Are

Alright loves,

Have a beautiful and fulfilling day!



Some of my Fav Blog Posts of 2019


Its me.


How have your holiday celebrations been? Mine has been truly blissful. I’m not looking forward to school resumption, at all.

I’ve read so many blog posts this year and there are some that are truly amazing because they connect with me on some deep levels. So, I want to share them in the case that they will also connect with someone else.

1.How to overcome feeling not good enough: In this post, Ash reminds me (in case I forget) that I am enough, that comparison is the thief of my joy and that I should constantly give myself love. She goes on to give five tips to overcome this horrible, horrible, horrible feeling of not being enough. Check out her post for the tips 🙂

2. My mom: I’m not really a fan of poetry but, this poem is so beautiful and sweet. I totally agree with Miss Vanilla, my parents are a precious gift to my life. I love them so much and I’ll always be grateful for and to them.

3. Wear your crown properly: I never miss an opportunity to toot my horn and Oladewalaura reminds me to never settle for less. Its a very simple yet powerful post. Everyone deserves greatness!

4. Choose people wisely: I have this post up on my blog but I think this is something that cannot be emphasized enough. Like Andy said, we are not answerable to any person for who we are, so please, be friends with people who accept you for who you are and love you like I love tomatoes 🙂

5. Don’t just live your life. Conquer it: Your life counts. My life counts. Everyone’s life counts. This post is so in line with my blog theme, which is self-love. Just like Rageshree said, don’t consider yourself lesser than anyone and give yourself all the love because you rock. This way, you’d get to live life so much fuller and better and happier.

There are so many more beautiful, inspiring and entertaining posts out there that I do love. But, I’m just going to stop here.

However, I do want to mention some blogs that I can’t just decide on one favorite post. They do a lot and its really inspiring for lazy me 🙂


Spiritual Journey 17


Story of a Journey


Happy holidays loves!

Don’t forget to keep spreading love around.

XOXO, Ada 🙂



Fun Post 01: 36 Quirks of Mine

  1. I hate it when I’m about to make a good point and the topic changes.
  2. I always go out of my way to pick up empty cans or bottles on the road even when cars are zooming past. I can’t just walk past.
  3. I can’t be good friends with someone who always abbreviates.
  4. I hate it when doors or windows are closed halfway. They are either shut or open.
  5. I always have to arrange my things in a particular way. It makes cleaning up so stressful but, I still do it. Most times I just throw everything into a corner until it bothers me enough to arrange.
  6. When I’m in the midst of a lot of people, I’m usually very quiet.
  7. I don’t have a censor; I always tell people what I think.
  8. I’m very terrible with names; I usually forget people’s names until the third time. But, I always recall a face.
  9. I like to sing my answers or come up with silly songs about almost everything that happens. Just like the girl in the new girl series.
  10. I hate the sound of cutlery scraping the plate. It makes me feel like I’m being scraped.
  11. I can’t stand the sound of people chewing their teeth.
  12. I always sleep face down.
  13. I always slouch when listening to something I don’t want to.
  14. I always rearrange the furniture regularly, wherever I live.
  15. All my files on both my phone and laptop are grouped into various folders and are always organized according to the file type.
  16. I constantly pour out my bags and check my stuff to make sure nothing is missing, count them and put them back.
  17. I have to drink tea at least once a day.
  18. I always talk to myself when I’m doing my chores and practice my life as a married woman. Lol
  19. I always pour the milk in first before the cereal.
  20. I always eat my food in a manner that my favorite bits are left for the end.
  21. I’d rather watch TV commercials than go from channel to channel.
  22. I always set my alarm in threes. That is 5:58am, 6:00am and 6:02am.
  23. I always brush my tongue with so much rage, I’m surprised it hasn’t fallen off.
  24. I always lock doors three times.
  25. I sleep with my mouth open no matter how tight I hold my mouth when I go to bed.
  26. I have a loud laugh but I rarely laugh.
  27. I think my face has a mind of its own. I always make faces for every situation and they are usually always funny.
  28. I can only move my left eyebrow and I can move it really fast.
  29. I love popping pimples and blackheads. Unfortunately, I rarely get them.
  30. I love to rub almost all the new stuffs I get on my cheeks and smell them for a long while.
  31. I’m a very good storyteller. People are usually totally spell-bound.
  32. I cannot dance, at all. But, I love to dance.
  33. I love big shirts and tees.
  34. I have a good sense of humor but I’m terrible at jokes. I am great at blunt, dry humor though.
  35. I find it hard to ignore barbs or insult.
  36. I can’t stand people who can’t stick to a point or topic in a conversation or keep interrupting.


Just read through and I feel like a sociopath. Yeesh!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed. 🙂


Change is Beautiful

I follow potato._.god on instagram (her stories are always so relatable) and I was viewing her stories last night when I saw this picture. It was so me and it got me thinking. I realized how much I’ve changed and how much better I feel about myself.

For the past three years or so (since I turned 16), I’ve done a lot of self-discovery and self-work. I’ve never really been depressed, without self-confidence or anything like that. Instead, my areas of concern were the opposite. I’ve always been very confident and proud of myself and my abilities. I never really had friends growing up and it was mostly because I couldn’t picture myself with many of the people I met or had things to do with. I couldn’t tolerate people or reduce my standards for anyone. Once I disagreed with someone, that was the end of that friendship.

This was me until i got into school at 16. I’m still basically the same person but I’ve changed greatly and I’ve learnt so much. I mean, I used to feel so high up there that I couldn’t go out without looking perfect and I’m not so pretty so you can imagine how much time of my life I lost. Now I know that its not just the physical beauty that matters. So I can wear any decent thing, with my clean hair, face and, body carrying myself confidently and feel so damn beautiful. All because I’ve discovered my true worth and my worth is not how gorgeous I look or how smart I am. Its more of what I can add to another person’s life. Its how I can enrich your life. I mean, I know its important to act incredibly smart and look smashing because I still do it every once in a while just so I know its not a big deal and I can totally achieve it. But, for me my life has changed so much that I’m so invested in how to help others, how to build a legacy and live up to my father’s expectations, build my own family beautifully that I’m not even bothered most of the time if I look like a troll in the streets. I know deep down I’m so much more.

This discovery has helped me build strong relationships that one argument can’t scatter 🙂 . I have beautiful relationships where there is mutual learning, uplifting, help, support and beautiful love. My friends and family have faults but now I know that I do too. So, although I’m still super picky (probably because I usually spot bad friendships a mile away), I’m more accommodating and forgiving now. The very few people in my life can attest to that 🙂 .

I believe we learn and improve everyday, even if its a tiny bit. I’m so glad you’re with me on this journey of mine.

I love you guys!!


Hey guys, how has your New Year been so far? I hope it has been amazing and beautifully blissful.

Well then, let’s just dive in.

  1. Chronic complaining: This is the one I hate so much. These people complain about any and everything. They never see good. There’s always a problem. They always focus on the problems and never see progress just the setbacks. To me, this is the WORST attitude on earth and possibly in the universe.
  2. Wastefulness: This one is not tolerable as well. I feel that if something is in excess, it can either be saved or given out to others. I don’t like it when people just throw things out because they don’t want them anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I hate keeping unnecessary things. I declutter all the time but i don’t dispose of useful things or let them rot.
  3. Narrow-mindedness: Narrow-minded people see things in one way and are never open to see things in a different point of view. It often stems from ignorance. This attitude should not be confused with people who have firm beliefs. Narrow-minded people are very judgmental and they must always be right. They don’t listen to what others have to say, they’d rather argue. Its infuriating.
  4. Chronic dishonesty: I’m not talking about lying here because no matter how we all try to not lie, we all do. It might be deliberate or not, in order to avoid some bad events (not saying its a good attitude tho). What I am talking about is deliberate deceitfulness, lying, cheating and a lack of integrity all rolled up into one. You cannot believe what these people say or do and you cannot trust that it is in your interest. They act without honesty and are always dubious. Please stay clear of this attitude.
  5. Vainness: While I totally appreciate people who are confident and have a lot of self-love, I do not like vain people. They are conceited and they think so highly of themselves, they feel other people are stupid, dumb or of lesser value. I don’t stay near these kind of people because they make me want to put a hole in their face. Being proud of oneself is important but becoming so proud is the beginning of one’s downfall.
  6. Envy: You can look at others as a source of inspiration. Other than that, maybe admiration. You shouldn’t begin to feel discontented or resentful that they have what they have and wish that they didn’t have it (I’m not sure that my tense is right but bear with me 🙂 ).
  7. Mistrust: When you have a mistrusting attitude, you are always suspicious of others and you have no confidence in others. I know its hard to trust in people but its good to have a little faith in humans. They can be really amazing sometimes.
  8. Filthiness and Dirtiness: This is a no no. Its unhealthy for both the dirty/filthy person and other people around. Even if you don’t organize your things, do not keep dirt lying around. Do not pile dirt, wash things regularly and try to clean regularly both body and environment.
  9. Don’t take responsibility for things you can’t control. No need for extra pressure or stress in your life.
  10. Don’t dwell on negatives.
  11. Please, do not always jump to conclusions. It is truly the root of so many fights. Assumptions, tsk tsk 🙂
  12. Please try to overcome laziness. This one has been hounding me but I’ll overcome 🙂
  13. Procrastination is a deadly killer. Do not put off what you can do today for tomorrow.

Our attitudes define us. Lets work towards better, positive attitudes for all-round well-being.

P.S. There’s more but I’m really sleepy. So, comment below attitudes we should all change.


Toot Your Horn

This blog post is in response to a daily prompt. Its supposed to be for the 16th of January but, I think its perfect for today.

There are so many good things about me, I don’t even know my favorite thing about me. I mean, we can talk about my great intellectual skills, my beautiful physical appearance or my amazing sense of humor. 😂😂😂 If only we could.

Okay, enough with the elf-deprecating!!

I think my favorite thing about me is my ability to adapt effectively to every situation I find myself. I haven’t been able to figure out whether I’m an introvert or an extrovert. But, I know that I cannot solely be restricted to any group. When in social situations where the atmosphere is awkward, I’m able to dilute the awkwardness and I always come up with something generally accepted to converse on. When in opposite situations, I can be as quiet and observant as is necessary to maintain a good conversation. Then, I can also be both.

I am not only talking about social situations. When I have a task that requires optimum focus, time and concentration, I’m able to give it a 100%. But, when I’m presented with a task that isn’t challenging for me, I find a way to make it work with the least possible amount of effort. I’m good under pressure and without pressure. I’m always calm but, when the situation requires more aggressiveness and violence than is considered normal, I’m your girl.

Its like I’m a chameleon, I’m so adaptable and flexible. But, this is restricted to situations and places. Unfortunately, this does not apply to people. I’m the most rigid person I know in that area. I hardly ever change my first opinion about a person (but, I’m usually always right so that’s probably not so bad). I’m so good at work, play, conversations (when I’m in the mood), tasks, events and situations; both good and bad. Its my superpower.

I do love my self. I believe I’m an amazing person and I’m quite confident and bold. That’s why I’d never miss an opportunity to toot my horn.


Lots of love,