My forever

My love,

I remember clearly how we met.

I didn’t fall in love at first sight.

I wish I did.

I would have more memories of this beautiful feeling inside of me.

This consuming love that somehow makes me whole.

I love you so much it’s becoming all I am.

I adore you.

I sleep everyday with you in mind and wake up to the thoughts of you.

I dream of forever with you.

I see our kids and I know I’ll be the bad cop.

I know you’ll be the best father for my kids.

I want you by my side forever.

I want this beautiful love forever.

I promise to treat you right forever.

Because, if I lose you, I lose me.

And my beautiful forever.



It’s been a while I wrote something creative ish.

Since it’s the month of love, here’s a little something something.


A Short Story with All Words Beginning with the Letter W

Here is a beautiful work of art. It is absolutely brilliant and genius.

Learn Fun Facts

The following 440-word short story consists entirely of words beginning with the letter W. It contains only 18 hyphenated words. This anonymously-written story first appeared in the November 18, 1876, issue of the Waikato Times:

“Warm weather, Walter! Welcome warm weather! We were wishing winter would wane, weren’t we?”

“We were well wearied with waiting,” whispered Walter wearily. Wan, white, woe-begone was Walter; wayward, wilful, worn with weakness, wasted, waxing weaker whenever winter’s wild, withering winds were wailing. Wholly without waywardness was Winifred, Walter’s wise, womanly watcher, who, with winsome, wooing way, was well-beloved.

“We won’t wait, Walter; while weather’s warm we’ll wander where woodlands wave, won’t we?”

Walter’s wanton wretchedness wholly waned. “Why, Winnie, we’ll walk where we went when we were with Willie; we’ll weave wildflower wreaths, watch woodmen working; woodlice, worms wriggling; windmills whirling; watermills wheeling; we will win wild whortleberries, witness wheat winnowed.”

Wisbeach woods…

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