Some of my Fav Blog Posts of 2019


Its me.


How have your holiday celebrations been? Mine has been truly blissful. I’m not looking forward to school resumption, at all.

I’ve read so many blog posts this year and there are some that are truly amazing because they connect with me on some deep levels. So, I want to share them in the case that they will also connect with someone else.

1.How to overcome feeling not good enough: In this post, Ash reminds me (in case I forget) that I am enough, that comparison is the thief of my joy and that I should constantly give myself love. She goes on to give five tips to overcome this horrible, horrible, horrible feeling of not being enough. Check out her post for the tips 🙂

2. My mom: I’m not really a fan of poetry but, this poem is so beautiful and sweet. I totally agree with Miss Vanilla, my parents are a precious gift to my life. I love them so much and I’ll always be grateful for and to them.

3. Wear your crown properly: I never miss an opportunity to toot my horn and Oladewalaura reminds me to never settle for less. Its a very simple yet powerful post. Everyone deserves greatness!

4. Choose people wisely: I have this post up on my blog but I think this is something that cannot be emphasized enough. Like Andy said, we are not answerable to any person for who we are, so please, be friends with people who accept you for who you are and love you like I love tomatoes 🙂

5. Don’t just live your life. Conquer it: Your life counts. My life counts. Everyone’s life counts. This post is so in line with my blog theme, which is self-love. Just like Rageshree said, don’t consider yourself lesser than anyone and give yourself all the love because you rock. This way, you’d get to live life so much fuller and better and happier.

There are so many more beautiful, inspiring and entertaining posts out there that I do love. But, I’m just going to stop here.

However, I do want to mention some blogs that I can’t just decide on one favorite post. They do a lot and its really inspiring for lazy me 🙂


Spiritual Journey 17


Story of a Journey


Happy holidays loves!

Don’t forget to keep spreading love around.

XOXO, Ada 🙂



9 thoughts on “Some of my Fav Blog Posts of 2019

  1. Amazing post! It’s nice to see so many great posts, I’m definitely adding them to my reading list. Thank you so much for sharing my post, I really appreciate it. I’m super glad you liked it 💜☺️

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