Hey Lovelies😚

I’ve missed being here so much. A lot has happened since I was here last. I broke my phone and got a new one, school resumed 😪 and my country just started her elections. I’m sorry for being away all this time; it was really beyond my control.

Last year, I got my temporary voters card. I got it mainly as a means of identification for my bank account. This year I was supposed to get my permanent voters card but I was discouraged by the tedious process involved and the fact that I would not vote. I’m not disinterested in politics and I know that true change only comes from we, the people. But, the violence attached to elections in Nigeria makes my parents say “no movement today”. It makes us so scared; it takes our voices away.

Somewhere close to my home, the ballot boxes and some people were burnt. We have heard so many accounts of violence and intimidation. I know I sound like a coward but without life there can be no change. I’m just praying to God and asking for his help in my country cos she definitely needs it.

Please say a prayer for Nigeria wherever you are. Let God intervene in my Country; she has great potential. Amen

Have a blessed day Lovelies.


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