|| Psychology behind the Excuses ||

I make excuses a lot and I’m trying to stop that. I think I do that whenever what I want to do seems difficult. But, I find that once I start doing it, I realize how foolish it was of me to put it off. I’m totally working on this.


Making Excuses is the simplest and easiest thing to do. The human brain is designed in such a way that it does not want to explore the veiled immeasurable stores of energy. In other words, it limits the human being to an extent and disallows him to extend it further. That is the reason why people love to live in the comfort and afraid of the life struggles. The brain frames the mind, then mind further frames the human and it’s a trap but of comforts.

Specifically, one of the powerful excuse is the excuse of human nature. After ten or twenty attempts, you failed and give up in something. Then the mind exhausts and give an excuse that it’s a human nature. Everyone exhausts after such efforts. So I give up. You have to write a post after returning from work at home, but unfortunately you get just half…

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5 thoughts on “|| Psychology behind the Excuses ||

    • Thanks a lot for your feedback. But, I’m finding it hard to really understand what you’re trying to say. I would really appreciate it if you explain further.


  1. I understand better now. I’m happy you feel better. I think self-love is key. But I never think I’m too hard on myself. I believe its necessary for all the good things to come 🙂 My excuses usually stem from laziness, but, I’m working on that. Thanks for your feedback. I’m really happy to hear from you.


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