Hey guys, how has your New Year been so far? I hope it has been amazing and beautifully blissful.

Well then, let’s just dive in.

  1. Chronic complaining: This is the one I hate so much. These people complain about any and everything. They never see good. There’s always a problem. They always focus on the problems and never see progress just the setbacks. To me, this is the WORST attitude on earth and possibly in the universe.
  2. Wastefulness: This one is not tolerable as well. I feel that if something is in excess, it can either be saved or given out to others. I don’t like it when people just throw things out because they don’t want them anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I hate keeping unnecessary things. I declutter all the time but i don’t dispose of useful things or let them rot.
  3. Narrow-mindedness: Narrow-minded people see things in one way and are never open to see things in a different point of view. It often stems from ignorance. This attitude should not be confused with people who have firm beliefs. Narrow-minded people are very judgmental and they must always be right. They don’t listen to what others have to say, they’d rather argue. Its infuriating.
  4. Chronic dishonesty: I’m not talking about lying here because no matter how we all try to not lie, we all do. It might be deliberate or not, in order to avoid some bad events (not saying its a good attitude tho). What I am talking about is deliberate deceitfulness, lying, cheating and a lack of integrity all rolled up into one. You cannot believe what these people say or do and you cannot trust that it is in your interest. They act without honesty and are always dubious. Please stay clear of this attitude.
  5. Vainness: While I totally appreciate people who are confident and have a lot of self-love, I do not like vain people. They are conceited and they think so highly of themselves, they feel other people are stupid, dumb or of lesser value. I don’t stay near these kind of people because they make me want to put a hole in their face. Being proud of oneself is important but becoming so proud is the beginning of one’s downfall.
  6. Envy: You can look at others as a source of inspiration. Other than that, maybe admiration. You shouldn’t begin to feel discontented or resentful that they have what they have and wish that they didn’t have it (I’m not sure that my tense is right but bear with me 🙂 ).
  7. Mistrust: When you have a mistrusting attitude, you are always suspicious of others and you have no confidence in others. I know its hard to trust in people but its good to have a little faith in humans. They can be really amazing sometimes.
  8. Filthiness and Dirtiness: This is a no no. Its unhealthy for both the dirty/filthy person and other people around. Even if you don’t organize your things, do not keep dirt lying around. Do not pile dirt, wash things regularly and try to clean regularly both body and environment.
  9. Don’t take responsibility for things you can’t control. No need for extra pressure or stress in your life.
  10. Don’t dwell on negatives.
  11. Please, do not always jump to conclusions. It is truly the root of so many fights. Assumptions, tsk tsk 🙂
  12. Please try to overcome laziness. This one has been hounding me but I’ll overcome 🙂
  13. Procrastination is a deadly killer. Do not put off what you can do today for tomorrow.

Our attitudes define us. Lets work towards better, positive attitudes for all-round well-being.

P.S. There’s more but I’m really sleepy. So, comment below attitudes we should all change.


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