Toot Your Horn

This blog post is in response to a daily prompt. Its supposed to be for the 16th of January but, I think its perfect for today.

There are so many good things about me, I don’t even know my favorite thing about me. I mean, we can talk about my great intellectual skills, my beautiful physical appearance or my amazing sense of humor. 😂😂😂 If only we could.

Okay, enough with the elf-deprecating!!

I think my favorite thing about me is my ability to adapt effectively to every situation I find myself. I haven’t been able to figure out whether I’m an introvert or an extrovert. But, I know that I cannot solely be restricted to any group. When in social situations where the atmosphere is awkward, I’m able to dilute the awkwardness and I always come up with something generally accepted to converse on. When in opposite situations, I can be as quiet and observant as is necessary to maintain a good conversation. Then, I can also be both.

I am not only talking about social situations. When I have a task that requires optimum focus, time and concentration, I’m able to give it a 100%. But, when I’m presented with a task that isn’t challenging for me, I find a way to make it work with the least possible amount of effort. I’m good under pressure and without pressure. I’m always calm but, when the situation requires more aggressiveness and violence than is considered normal, I’m your girl.

Its like I’m a chameleon, I’m so adaptable and flexible. But, this is restricted to situations and places. Unfortunately, this does not apply to people. I’m the most rigid person I know in that area. I hardly ever change my first opinion about a person (but, I’m usually always right so that’s probably not so bad). I’m so good at work, play, conversations (when I’m in the mood), tasks, events and situations; both good and bad. Its my superpower.

I do love my self. I believe I’m an amazing person and I’m quite confident and bold. That’s why I’d never miss an opportunity to toot my horn.


Lots of love,


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