Finally, we get to see 2018 off

2018 is basically over.

First off, I’m grateful to God that I’m seeing the end of yet another year. I know I sound cliche but I almost died this year, so, let me.

I didn’t post a single entry this year. School was really hard this year. But, I’m not going to put all the blame on school because I know I was so lazy this year. You know, I came into the year with so many goals and plans but if I’m going to score myself on my achievements, I’d probably give myself a 2 out of 10.

That said, it doesn’t mean that my 2018 was uneventful. I mean, I lost more friends than I made this year. I’d like to believe that’s a sign that I’m growing. I also took some courses that I really loved  and they gave me a clue as to what i want to do with my life. 2018 also saw me moving from my off-campus apartment into an apartment on campus. Staying on campus definitely beats being off-campus. Not that I used to mind being off-campus. It had its perks too.

This year, I guess I was so focused on school my creative side began to feel non-existent. I know I’m not overtly creative but I have some gifts, I’m sure. Well, my efforts didn’t pay off as much as I expected. I have really come to understand what people mean when they say that the closer you are to graduation, the harder it is for your grades to come up. So, its been decided that, I’m going to focus more on enjoying the school life and reviving my creative side.

My mum and I got closer this year. I’ve always been a daddy’s girl and all that but this year my mum and I have developed this beautiful relationship that I’m absolutely loving. I believe its due to the fact that I’ve grown so much this year. So many things that used to hold my attention before don’t anymore. That just gives me the chance to focus on all the important stuff- My relationships, my goals, my studies, my health and my God.

A lot of my plans for this year didn’t work out but I know that 2019 has a lot in store for me so I’m going to give you a glimpse into the new year. I want to develop and focus on all my relationships because people keep saying that I don’t treat the people I care about properly. I know this is because they just don’t understand the way I’m wired. Sometimes, I wish I could open my heart for everyone to see what I truly feel because even though I’m blunt, people still want to believe what they want to.

Next year, I definitely want to finish all the sewing and crocheting projects I started this year. I also want to post very often. I want to write because I love writing. Sightseeing and journeying to new places is also very much on my agenda (I want to try the whole outdoor lifestyle). My studies are not going to be everything like they were this year, but, its my final year so I definitely have to put in some effort. My final goals for the next year are hair, skin and body goals. My killer version has been waiting for too long to be unveiled.

Well well, this is goodbye to 2018.

2019, I can’t wait.


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